Help us improve the lives of autistic children.

It is possible and thousands of children are in need.

Papageno helps children with autism with music

Since 2000 Papageno helps children with autism using specially developed programs and therapies of music.

Aaltje and Jaap van Zweden

Fyfteen years ago, Aaltje and Jaap van Zweden established the Papageno Foundation, the objective being to support families with one or more children with autism. Over the years, that support has taken shape in a number of projects, developed mainly on the initiative and with the cooperation of Aaltje, such as Music Therapy and Music Makers, where professional music therapists and musicians, who receive additional training from Papageno, use music and make music with autistic children. In addition, the arts education project ‘Meet’ has started, where, along with artists from various disciplines and an orchestra, children with autism develop, rehearse and perform musical theatre productions. The arts education projects Music Makers and Meet focus on children and young people from cluster 3 and 4 schools within the special (secondary) education system. More information is available about these projects under the buttons to the left.

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Papageno Foundationis fully dependent on fundraising, donations and benefit concerts.

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